Making Money in My Own Business

When I lost my job at the local textile factory, I had to scramble to come up with a way to earn money. I was able to collect unemployment for a while, but that was just not enough money. I didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing either. I looked at my talents, and that is when I decided it would not cost that much money to make money at what I am best at. I knew I would need to invest in a label printing scale as well as some packaging supplies, but that was all I would really need to get my own fudge business up and running.

I have always loved to tinker around in the kitchen, and making different kinds of fudge is one of my top specialties. When I would make some for the kids’ bake sales at school, it was always one of the first things gone. I knew that if I could have professional labels on the right packaging, I could probably make more than what I was making at my factory job. The best part is that I would be having more fun doing it too!

I went online to look at different label printing scales. I wanted to be able to set a slab of fudge on the scale, have it be weighed accurately, and then a label printed. This would net me a lot more sales than if I just estimated what a quarter pound of fudge was, and I knew that customers would be more appreciative. I was able to get a scale for a really low price, and I started selling my fudge at fairs, flea markets, and other events in my area, plus a few local stores have started selling it too. It is an amazing feeling to make money doing what I really love to do!

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