It Will Take a Lot of Work to Make This Place Look Really Good

Moving into an old place meant that I had to do a lot of work to get it fixed up the way that I wanted it to be. Oh sure, the place passed the real estate inspection with flying colors. But the people who lived there before don’t seem to be as clean as I am, so I had a lot of work to do inside and out. First, I found out who pressure washing for Bellevue residents and I had someone come over right away. I also had a landscaper come by to give me some estimates and a painter, too. I will be busy for a very long time, even though I will be getting help from some experts as well.

The first order of the day was to make sure that the outside of the house was cleaned up. Both the deck in the front yard and the backyard were grey and dingy. I even spotted some mold growing in the wood, too. A pressure washing company cleaned that up for me easily enough. The wood looks beautiful now that it is cleaned. I will spend one weekend working on staining and sealing it to help to shield the wood from our harsh winters. I then had the exterior of the house cleaned, too. This is really good for prepping the house to be painted.

I had the painter come out next. This is because I needed him to do his job before I could trust that anyone could work on our bushes and such without ruining the paint. I have always wanted a light yellow house, so that is the color that I chose. When that was done, the landscaper came back to do his magic in the yard. It looks really good now. Next, I have to start working on the interior.

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