I Wonder if We Need an App

I got to thinking about this after I was contacted by a mobile app developer in Singapore. Of course it seems as though every company in the world has their own app now and it makes a great deal of sense when you think about it. Only fifteen or twenty years ago there were very few people who had mobile phones and Google did not really exist. At least if it did very few people knew how to use it. If people used the internet they did it at a public library or at the office. Now almost every person in the world has a mobile phone and it is connected to the world wide web, even poor people in India and Bangladesh have a mobile phone. They use them for almost every aspect of their daily lives, including when they want to find a business like mine.

It is extremely convenient when the app works the way you want it to work. You do not have to go to the bank to do a simple task, you just take out your phone. If you want to pick up some food from a restaurant, then you can take out your phone and a place an order to go. It should be ready by the time you get there if your timing is right. That makes every day tasks a whole lot simpler and more convenient than they were before we had this sort of technology in our pockets. However it is not so clear how it applies to us, because we are larger a business facing enterprise. We are dealing with other businesses and they are going to have much different concerns than the ordinary consumer. Security is going to be the big thing for most of them and for us.

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Making Money in My Own Business

When I lost my job at the local textile factory, I had to scramble to come up with a way to earn money. I was able to collect unemployment for a while, but that was just not enough money. I didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing either. I looked at my talents, and that is when I decided it would not cost that much money to make money at what I am best at. I knew I would need to invest in a label printing scale as well as some packaging supplies, but that was all I would really need to get my own fudge business up and running.

I have always loved to tinker around in the kitchen, and making different kinds of fudge is one of my top specialties. When I would make some for the kids’ bake sales at school, it was always one of the first things gone. I knew that if I could have professional labels on the right packaging, I could probably make more than what I was making at my factory job. The best part is that I would be having more fun doing it too!

I went online to look at different label printing scales. I wanted to be able to set a slab of fudge on the scale, have it be weighed accurately, and then a label printed. This would net me a lot more sales than if I just estimated what a quarter pound of fudge was, and I knew that customers would be more appreciative. I was able to get a scale for a really low price, and I started selling my fudge at fairs, flea markets, and other events in my area, plus a few local stores have started selling it too. It is an amazing feeling to make money doing what I really love to do!

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I No Longer Store Files Offline

I hate having to store my files offline, because eventually my hard drives fill up, and I have to burn off some data to make extra space. Burning data requires discs, and that costs money. The burning process is tedious and time consuming as well. A better solution for me is a budget Windows VPS. With a VPS, all I have to do is log in and start uploading files. The files would still be there as long as I had access to the VPS. The only limiting factor would be my upload speed, but even that would be faster than burning data.

A friend of mine told me about a VPS he was using and I signed up with them. Their VPS was pretty good and even better than I expected it to be for the price. Usually when you work with budget services, you have to skimp on quality somewhere, but not with this VPS. If anything, the VPS offered some things that many of the higher priced VPS companies didn’t offer. It’s nice to know that some companies still see the value in passing on savings to their consumers.

Since I no longer have to use my hard drive space to store files, nor do I have to buy discs to burn data, I decided to buy some games and download them. There was a game sale where I could get 50 games for around $30. I spend the entire week downloading and installing all of the games, and then gradually played them over the next few months. I have to work during the week, so I was only able to play the games during the weekend and at night before going to bed. It was a little bit of enjoyment that I hadn’t been able to experience in a long time.

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Finding Electricity in Dallas Area

Moving is sure a pain, and I hope that I do not have to do it again for another decade. But I don’t have a time mahcine and I can’t see the future, so I guess if I have to move again, then I will just have to deal with that. But right now, I can firmly say that I am going to avoid it if I can. At least, I don’t want to move to another city or over large distances. I am reading about reliant energy in dallas right now because if I am going to switch providers to a new electricity company then it would be a good idea for me to know as much as I can about my options before I make any sort of commitment.

I was actually suggested to check out Reliant by a friend of mine who has lived in the Dallas area for some time, and I guess that he is a customer of Reliant. As such, I am going to check them out and see what they are all about. I think it would be wise to go ahead and call them and see if I can learn about any sort of promotions they might have for their services or introductory rates on electricity. I don’t know if such things exist, but if they do exist, then they would be more likely to exist here in Texas than in other parts of the country.

That is because the electricity market here in Texas is more competitive than in other parts of the country and so I would really think that theere might be some promotions like that. I don’t know for sure, but I am going to check it out to be sure and see if I can find something that makes sense for me.

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