Scrap Metal Your Neighbors Throw out is Free Money

If you have a pickup truck, you have a rolling business. If times are tough, there are things you can do to earn extra cash. When they cut the overtime at work, I took the time I would have been working extra hours at my job and put them to use collecting metal. Aluminum, copper, tungsten and other metals are worth money to scrap metal dealers, and most people just throw out metal scraps. I did not even tell people I was hurting for money. I just asked every family member, coworker and neighbor to keep aluminum cans and other metals for me. For people close by, I just picked them up. For coworkers who lived farther away, they brought them to me. I told people at work to just toss them in the back of my pickup truck.

I asked all my neighbors if they put out scrap metal for the trash if it would be okay if I picked it up. Some people call that garbage picking. I call it free money. As I said, I did not tell anyone it was for income. I did not deny it if asked, but I just mentioned the recycling aspect of it and how they could easily do their part. I had people give me scrap copper wire, aluminum cans and much more. Steel is not worth much, but it can be sold to scrap metal dealers too. Tungsten is heavy for its size, and it goes for about five bucks or more per pound, depending on where you live.

There is scrap value in most things people throw out. If you have specialized scrap dealers that want certain things in your area, you can focus on just those things. I like to deal with easy to find metal such as aluminum and copper that people throw out. People throw out a lot of aluminum. It is used to make cans, pots and pans, gutters, storm doors, outdoor furniture and more. Every ounce adds up to cash in your pocket.

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Puzzles and a Small Dent

A brush with a parking post left a small dent in my car. The car was still functiuining, and the dent wasn’t really that bad, but seeing it there really started to annoy me. It made my perfect car look like an imperfect mess. I used my phone to navigate to and scheduled to have someone come to fix my dent. In the meantime, I did the daily crossword puzzle in the newspaper. I like doing the puzzle because it gives me a great mental workout, and sometimes learn about new things that I normally wouldn’t have on my own.

It only took a few minutes for the repair worker to come to my car. While he used his tools to get out the dent, I continued to work on the puzzle. I thought I would have enough time to finish the entire puzzle while the dent was being fixed, but the worker was done before I had a chance to fill in three more words. Since the dent was fixed, I had no reason to stay parked, so I made my way home. I drew a bath and sat in the tub with my puzzle.

I filled in a few more words, but then the phone started ringing. It was my brother, so I had to take the phone call. I picked up the phone and had a long conversation with him while I was taking the bath. I didn’t get a chance to fill in a single word while I was talking to him. By the time I was done talking to my brother, my water had gone cold. I got out of the tub and dried off. Then I went to the bed and started working on the puzzle again. I was able to fill in one word and fell asleep.

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Riding is Different Than Watching

Out of my circle of friends, no one likes race horses as much as I do. I always keep up with the latest in horse racing news, and watch all of the events. Even when I don’t have a television around, I’ll either look on my phone for updates, or listen to a race on the radio in my car. My friends thought it would be a good idea to let me race on a horse since I loved them so much. They took me to a training facility one day and let me sign up for racing training. I thought it would be a piece of cake for a racing lover like me, but it was an entirely different story.

When I climbed on the horse for the first time, it was like I was getting on top of a car, with my legs wide open. I was a little afraid that the horse would fly back and I would fall off and injure myself like that famous actor. The horse just stood there while trembled like a little kids. My friends were getting a pretty good kick out of my fear. The trainer helped me ease into riding on the horse. I was going slowly like the kids that ride the horse at the fair.

Once I became more comfortable being on the horse, it picked up a little more speed, but I made it slow back down because I was still a little afraid. Eventually I shed my fears and the horse began running at a normal pace. For all of the fear that I had towards the horse in the beginning, it’s a pretty gentle animal. I worked until I got better at riding on the horse, until I could ride as fast as the jockeys in the races that I’ve seen.

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It Will Take a Lot of Work to Make This Place Look Really Good

Moving into an old place meant that I had to do a lot of work to get it fixed up the way that I wanted it to be. Oh sure, the place passed the real estate inspection with flying colors. But the people who lived there before don’t seem to be as clean as I am, so I had a lot of work to do inside and out. First, I found out who pressure washing for Bellevue residents and I had someone come over right away. I also had a landscaper come by to give me some estimates and a painter, too. I will be busy for a very long time, even though I will be getting help from some experts as well.

The first order of the day was to make sure that the outside of the house was cleaned up. Both the deck in the front yard and the backyard were grey and dingy. I even spotted some mold growing in the wood, too. A pressure washing company cleaned that up for me easily enough. The wood looks beautiful now that it is cleaned. I will spend one weekend working on staining and sealing it to help to shield the wood from our harsh winters. I then had the exterior of the house cleaned, too. This is really good for prepping the house to be painted.

I had the painter come out next. This is because I needed him to do his job before I could trust that anyone could work on our bushes and such without ruining the paint. I have always wanted a light yellow house, so that is the color that I chose. When that was done, the landscaper came back to do his magic in the yard. It looks really good now. Next, I have to start working on the interior.

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New Stairs to Get to the Roof

When I purchased an older warehouse for more storage space for my growing company, I was happy because I got it for such a great price. I knew that there were things I would need to do before I would be able to put it in full operation, but that did not concern me mainly because of the low price. I had considered all the things I would need to do, and even after the cost of upgrading, it was still a steal. The first thing I did was look up plant platform on my computer, because I was not happy with the ladder going up to the roof.

I know the warehouse had not been used in some time, but it still surprised me that the ladder they had was even in use at all. There are many reasons why authorized personnel would need to get on the roof, and I wanted them to be safe when doing so. I found a reputable company that sells all kinds of roof access ladders and rails, and I actually had a hard time choosing the one that I wanted because there were several designs that I liked.

I thought I was going to get a traditional ladder with the safety surround, but then I saw a set of stairs that have a railing and platform. Knowing that the people who would be going up there could be carrying a lot of things with them, this seemed like the best option. Rather than climbing up a ladder, they could simply walk up the steps to get to the roof. I knew that if I was carrying heavy equipment, that is how I would want to get up there. That was the first change I made, and the rest of the upgrades were even easier to make!

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The Comfort of a Wonderful Shower

My friends think I’m crazy. I like to think that it’s not madness which drives me but simple logic. It’s all because of my belief that the shower is one of the finest achievements of our entire civilization. I totally mean for that to include modern plumbing and heated water being available to us, too, but really it is the shower which brings it all together in a single place where we can indulge in that glorious luxury. Thankfully, I found the perfect shower enclosures in Essex County NJ that I could not wait to have installed in my home.

See, I’ve always wanted the perfect shower. It might sound odd to you who might not see the shower as I do, but I’ve always wanted one with a more natural appearance. If I had all the money in the world at my disposal I would definitely have something like an indoor waterfall with a lake or pond that was heated. I do all of my best thinking while I’m in the shower and I achieve a mind state that allows me to relax more deeply than anywhere else. Nowhere in my home have I ever been able to get to this zen like state.

It’s a shame that a good bathroom, a good shower itself, is actually one of the most expensive projects that you can invest in for your home. Personally I’m willing to invest in a shower over anything else that I have in my home. I know that not very many people are ever going to understand me on this but I’m telling you; invest in the luxury that is your shower and you’ll understand exactly what it means to know comfort. It’s the one place in a home that can be truly luxurious and comfortable.

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Moved in with My Girlfriend

I just got settled in this new place, of course I am getting called a mooch and a gigolo by my friends. Of course I am able to bear it and I have to admit that Emily is looking like a really top shelf girlfriend at this point in time. To start of with she has a lot of money, but it was a couple of months before I knew this. She has one of the nicer Silver Spring apartments and it would be expensive for someone like me, but it is not something you would expect a rich person to live in honestly. She drives a Ford Escape, because she needs the room for her work. She is a caterer and very good at it. The money comes from her mother’s family, they have apparently been rich for a very long time and the chances are that they are going to remain rich for just as long.

At any rate when my lease was up Emily just told me to move in with her and that was all there was to it. I had been having trouble with the guy that I was sharing the place with, but his name was on the lease and it was his problem that he had been partying away all of the money his parents gave him to live on. Of course I was astonished that Emily did not want me to pay half of her rent. That would have been a fair deal in my opinion and I tried pretty hard to get her to go along. She told me to keep the money and focus on getting into grad school. That was something that I had really sort of given up on, because I did not think I could afford it.

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It Was Kind of a Funny Story

My dad insisted he was going to install our satellite dish himself. He doesn’t trust any of those installation guys because he thinks they aren’t properly trained. He also has a habit of not reading instructions, which only makes things take longer and need fixed in the long run. He’s a funny guy, it’s always an adventure watching dad do anything. It’s funny how a satellite installation turned into a roof repair in Brooklyn NY.

It all started when he insisted on just going up and doing it himself. My mom told him that he needed to be careful, because we had an old roof and she was afraid his fat butt would fall right through, her words, I’m just repeating them. He laughed at her, and just continued on his way up the ladder while she stood at the bottom shaking her head. I just stood there, laughing at the scene because I knew something funny was bound to happen, it always does when dad tries to do anything that requires an instruction manual.

I heard a crunch, and my head shot up. I could see dad looking down at the roof below his feet and he didn’t look happy, in fact, he looked worried. My mom was still shaking her head and at this point talking to herself about how he never listens and he always insists on being a macho man. That’s when it happened, with mom’s hands in the air in her argument with herself.

The roof panels below dad’s feet gave way, and he fell through! He got stuck halfway through, so his arms and head were still out and I could see them waving in the air. Mom hadn’t even noticed because she was still arguing with herself. I wish I had recorded all of this, because it was honestly hilarious. Dad ended up being okay, no injuries, but mom was right, and we needed not only a satellite installation guy, but a roof repairman too.

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Two Clown Fish for My Daughter

I have had an aquarium ever since I was a kid, so I figure it has been at least 20 years. When my daughter wanted to see the newest animated film out, she fell in love with clown fish. She wanted to know if we could get some, which was the last thing I wanted to hear. I knew that the clown fish price was a lot more than the fish I got at the local pet store, but I decided to go ahead and find out how much they were. At least I would be able to tell her why we couldn’t get any, which made me sad.

Luckily, I had decided to do the research before I told her anything. I was prepared to tell her that they were just too expensive, but I found a website that has them at great prices. Even better, their store was just about an hour from where we live so we were able to go there and look at the fish in person. When we walked in, I was amazed at how many different fish they had as well as the supplies and tanks that a person would need.

I could have spent hours in there, but I knew we were there for just the clown fish, at least on this first trip there. I allowed my daughter to pick out two of them, and she named them exactly what I thought she would. The clerk told me that they were the most popular names for clown fish, which was really not that surprising considering the success of the film that has brought them to the spotlight again. We took our two fish home, and my daughter told me she would take care of them. She reminded me of how I was when I was her age, and it made me smile that she has a love for fish just like I do.

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The Spread of the Business

For my food delivery business, I wanted to make a commercial that would attract new customers. The business delivers foods that you would normally find at the grocery store, such as produce, meat, cereal, and more. Many people can’t get to the store easily, either due to time constraints, or because they are physically unable to do so. I hope to provide services for all of these people an more. For the commercial, I hired a company that does corporate video production in singapore. I trusted them with the task rather than using an internal team because they have more experience with filming.

The company came up with a clever idea for a commercial that was simple, but still involved enough humor to engage the viewer. When I first saw the completed commercial, I was laughing for a whole minute. I prefer to have funny commercials over ones that are more serious in tone, because the funny ones have more staying power. The serious commercials get the message across, but they don’t really stay in the minds of the viewers, because there is nothing really special about them. The viewer might as well be watching the evening news.

The commercial now airs during all major time slots. Since the commercial has started airing, I have noticed a great increase in the number of people who use the service. They write in to tell me how much they love the service and wonder how they never knew about it before. This increase in customers has also caused a lot of word of mouth to spread the business to others. I love seeing people on the street who have never heard about the company and start talking about it with their friends. It’s like the verbal form of a chain letter, but it has good news.

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Custom Rubber Seals for Use in Classic Car Restoration

We were restoring an old car. Not one of the more popular ones to restore. This made finding some parts a whole lot more difficult. For example, if your are restoring a Mustang, then you can find parts all over the place. If you are restoring other popular vehicles such as old pickup trucks or even panel trucks used for deliveries in the 1930s and 1940s, you can find companies still making parts for them or restoring old parts. We had to get old parts restored. Things like exterior mirrors were re-chromed, but beltline weatherstrips for the windows could not be found that were in pristine shape. We had to contact a company that could manufacture new ones from a sample.

I talked with one of their technicians and sent the company a few samples of degraded window seals we had. They looked at what they were made of and how they were made, and they came up with a new design for beltline weatherstrips that was better than the original. The rubber seals on this old vehicle did not fare well. That is why there are no used parts in this category that can be put to use in a restoration project. Everything from the window seals to the door, trunk and other seals simply crumbled into dust as the car aged.

The beltline weatherstrips are the seals at the side windows that squeegee water off the glass and keep it from running down into the inside of a door when you roll the window up or down. On old cars, you can usually see them torn or coming loose after years of use and being exposed to the weather. Newer cars fare much better due to advanced chemical compositions of the rubber. Some of the old stuff was just not that durable.

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A Recipe Turns into a Business Opportunity

My mom showed me a recipe from my grandmother. It is for a biscuit mix that also makes tremendously good pancakes. It is a dry mix of ingredients that is quick to mix and make into biscuits or pancakes. There are several other commercial varieties, but this recipe is easy and tastes fabulously good. I started giving away the dry mix as gifts. I use all organic ingredients. Then I started to have people ask me if they could buy some from me. It was getting big. I now have two powder fillers and buy bulk ingredients to package and sell it locally in stores.

It is really cool how an old recipe has turned into a side business that is earning us a decent income. We rented a commercial space for packing. We got the licensing and permits to package human grade food products. We got equipment, such as the powder fillers, to make packaging quick and easy. We use a large mixer to mix dry ingredients into batches, and we use the fillers to put the product into resealable plastic bags we have made. Then they go over the scales and are packed into boxes for sale to the local stores. We are expanding into a mail order business too. That takes a lot of extra packing work, so we are limiting that part of the business right now.

I think a lot of us have an idea or something that other people would be interested in buying. We just need to figure out what it is we have to offer. My grandmother never thought her recipe would be worth so much money. Now she is enjoying the monthly checks for the use of her original idea. This country has a lot of great opportunities if we just look for them and pursue them.

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