A Recipe Turns into a Business Opportunity

My mom showed me a recipe from my grandmother. It is for a biscuit mix that also makes tremendously good pancakes. It is a dry mix of ingredients that is quick to mix and make into biscuits or pancakes. There are several other commercial varieties, but this recipe is easy and tastes fabulously good. I started giving away the dry mix as gifts. I use all organic ingredients. Then I started to have people ask me if they could buy some from me. It was getting big. I now have two powder fillers and buy bulk ingredients to package and sell it locally in stores.

It is really cool how an old recipe has turned into a side business that is earning us a decent income. We rented a commercial space for packing. We got the licensing and permits to package human grade food products. We got equipment, such as the powder fillers, to make packaging quick and easy. We use a large mixer to mix dry ingredients into batches, and we use the fillers to put the product into resealable plastic bags we have made. Then they go over the scales and are packed into boxes for sale to the local stores. We are expanding into a mail order business too. That takes a lot of extra packing work, so we are limiting that part of the business right now.

I think a lot of us have an idea or something that other people would be interested in buying. We just need to figure out what it is we have to offer. My grandmother never thought her recipe would be worth so much money. Now she is enjoying the monthly checks for the use of her original idea. This country has a lot of great opportunities if we just look for them and pursue them.

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