Moved in with My Girlfriend

I just got settled in this new place, of course I am getting called a mooch and a gigolo by my friends. Of course I am able to bear it and I have to admit that Emily is looking like a really top shelf girlfriend at this point in time. To start of with she has a lot of money, but it was a couple of months before I knew this. She has one of the nicer Silver Spring apartments and it would be expensive for someone like me, but it is not something you would expect a rich person to live in honestly. She drives a Ford Escape, because she needs the room for her work. She is a caterer and very good at it. The money comes from her mother’s family, they have apparently been rich for a very long time and the chances are that they are going to remain rich for just as long.

At any rate when my lease was up Emily just told me to move in with her and that was all there was to it. I had been having trouble with the guy that I was sharing the place with, but his name was on the lease and it was his problem that he had been partying away all of the money his parents gave him to live on. Of course I was astonished that Emily did not want me to pay half of her rent. That would have been a fair deal in my opinion and I tried pretty hard to get her to go along. She told me to keep the money and focus on getting into grad school. That was something that I had really sort of given up on, because I did not think I could afford it.

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