It Was Kind of a Funny Story

My dad insisted he was going to install our satellite dish himself. He doesn’t trust any of those installation guys because he thinks they aren’t properly trained. He also has a habit of not reading instructions, which only makes things take longer and need fixed in the long run. He’s a funny guy, it’s always an adventure watching dad do anything. It’s funny how a satellite installation turned into a roof repair in Brooklyn NY.

It all started when he insisted on just going up and doing it himself. My mom told him that he needed to be careful, because we had an old roof and she was afraid his fat butt would fall right through, her words, I’m just repeating them. He laughed at her, and just continued on his way up the ladder while she stood at the bottom shaking her head. I just stood there, laughing at the scene because I knew something funny was bound to happen, it always does when dad tries to do anything that requires an instruction manual.

I heard a crunch, and my head shot up. I could see dad looking down at the roof below his feet and he didn’t look happy, in fact, he looked worried. My mom was still shaking her head and at this point talking to herself about how he never listens and he always insists on being a macho man. That’s when it happened, with mom’s hands in the air in her argument with herself.

The roof panels below dad’s feet gave way, and he fell through! He got stuck halfway through, so his arms and head were still out and I could see them waving in the air. Mom hadn’t even noticed because she was still arguing with herself. I wish I had recorded all of this, because it was honestly hilarious. Dad ended up being okay, no injuries, but mom was right, and we needed not only a satellite installation guy, but a roof repairman too.

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